Dunk SB

The Rep Dunk produced by Coco Sneakers is of very good quality and is one of the most recommended sneakers.

Dunk SB Origin

The full name of DUNK SB is "DUNK SKATE BOARDING". Previously, "DUNK" was just a pair of ordinary basketball shoes. After refining it with the AIR FORCE1, came the Nike DUNK SB line of skate shoes. Now "DUNK" has been injected with more fashion elements by Nike. , and the "DUNK SB" with air zoom air cushion technology and thick tongue has gradually become the backbone of Nike skateboard shoes. As the most mainstream sneakers, the popularity and influence of the Nike SB series is growing. Originally designed only for skateboarding, retro-inspired versions of the shoe have become a trend icon.3

Why is there a Rep Dunk?

However, the production quantity of Dunk is limited, and many people who like it can't buy the StockX Dunk, so they have the Rep Dunk. Later, everyone called it Rep Sneakers.

Coco shoes is the foundry of Dunk, with its own factory, formal manufacturing technology and raw materials. In making Rep Dunk, the materials used are all 1:1 quality and formal craftsmanship. It can be said that the Reps Dunk is no different from the StockX Dunk, and it is cheaper. Everyone who has bought it thinks it is exactly the same as Stockx Dunk, it is really perfect.

The more popular Rep Dunk styles in 2022:
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