How To Buy Coco Shoes?

How To Buy Coco Shoes?

How To Buy A Product On Coco Shoes?

✔ Select the shoes you like, tick the correct shoe size and click Buy Now (If you buy multiple pairs, please add to the cart)

✔ Fill in the delivery information, please fill in the correct email, phone and address. (Very important)

✔ Select the payment method you want and follow the prompts to pay. If you have a discount code, remember to use it before payment.

✔ We will confirm the order information with you via WhatsAPP/Facebook/Email/Instagram, such as size, shipping address

✔ QC pictures are sent for free via WhatsAPP/Instagram/Email.

✔ The sneakers will ship after you confirm the size/shipping info/QCpics.

✔ We will provide a tracking number. (Tracking package information is sometimes delayed, please be patient.)

✔ You can contact Cocoshoes customer service or check the tracking status on the website.

Order Processing Flow

✔ After the payment is successful, you will receive an email, WhatsApp or Instagram notification from Coco Shoes. At this stage, your order is being processed.

✔ We need 1-3 working days for quality control photo shooting and send it to you via email, WhatsApp or Instagram for confirmation.

✔ After you confirm that there is no problem, it will be shipped directly. Delivery time: 1-2 weeks (Due to the impact of COVID-19, logistics may be delayed to about 1-3 weeks in the near future)

✔ If you receive the shoes, it is recommended that you give us feedback, good or bad. thanks.

Shipping Methods

✔ We uniformly deliver to DHL company

✔ DHL will allocate the fastest flight according to your order address, which will be delivered to you by FedEx, EMS, German parcels and other express methods.

✔ For triangular transportation through transit countries, it will take longer. please wait patiently.

✔ Please note that your order is completely trackable. (Tracking information update takes 3-5 days)

✔ Track your order and wait for your order to arrive. Thank you.

If you have any questions about the delivery status, please contact Cocoshoes WhatsAPP.

Coco Shoes Discount Code

Discount on all orders: 10%, Promo Code: COCOSHOES 

For orders over $249, Discount: $30, Promo Code: USD30